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Bring your passion home

Meet the Founder Rob Eddy

Learn about how this master craftsman made model making a career. more 

Rob Eddy featured in Azure Azure - a privileged life

More than trophies or luxury toys, the replicas produced by Robert H. Eddy and Associates' Classic Yacht Models are genuine art pieces made with perfect accuracy using gold, mahogany and other noble materials. more

Yacht Model Talks are Always Well Received

"Wow! very impressive … everyone was listening intently and several people thanked us for choosing you to present. The pictures and descriptions of all of the challenges that you face with each model were fascinating. We truly had no idea how much innovation each ship model demands. We are in awe of your problem-solving ability and your artistic talent."

- friends of the Rockport Public Library

learn more about Yacht Model Talks posting soon

Lyman-Morse at Wayfarer Marine

The expansion of Lyman-Morse to Wayfarer has reinvigorated the waterfront and with the introduction of the Camden Classics Cup the harbor has been attracting exceptional yachts every year. We are honored to be a local sponsor. Look for us on the waterfront. more

Reuben becomes a master

The commission of Stormy and the educational support that Jack permitted in 2008 has allowed Reuben to learn and apply all of the skills that would be needed to master the craft of model building at a fine arts level. more

"The model has given much pleasure to all who see it.  And I am pleased that the project helped a young man develop further mastery of deeply impressive skills."


Completely Custom - Exquisitely Crafted

The results are the highest quality models displayed in elegance and flair that make them timeless pieces of art. more details on how to commission a model