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Flawlessly detailed and perfectly scaled.

Every nuance of your yacht is recaptured using noble materials such as the finest woods, silver, gold and precious gems. See a gallery of our work 

Chronicles of a Model Builder

The America's Cup experience with professional model builder Robert Eddy. more

Kind words from Bill Mayher

"Rob Eddy is one of the most accomplished model builders in the United States. A native of Camden, Maine he seems to have absorbed its maritime heritage through his pours from an early age and perhaps this, in addition to a remarkable attention to detail, is what gives his models such poignancy." 

- Bill Mayher

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Fairwinds to Our Biggest Advocate

Tom Perkins 1932-2016 was our most notable collector. We completed a half-model of the Herreshoff yacht Mariette for the NYYC and four full models of his other yachts, Andromeda La Dea, Mariette, Atlantide and the Maltese Falcon. See a gallery of our work 

Yacht Model Talks are Always Well Received

"Wow! very impressive … everyone was listening intently and several people thanked us for choosing you to present. The pictures and descriptions of all of the challenges that you face with each model were fascinating. We truly had no idea how much innovation each ship model demands. We are in awe of your problem-solving ability and your artistic talent."

- friends of the Rockport Public Library

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Completely Custom - Exquisitely Crafted

The results are the highest quality models displayed in elegance and flair that make them timeless pieces of art. more details on how to commission a model

We set ourselves apart by exceeding every expectation

We are artists who focus on quality, craftsmanship and innovation. read more

Your very own America's Cup trophy

Custom Jewelry that Celebrates History

The oldest and most coveted prize in the world of sport can be yours. We can create your miniature cup to commemorate the America’s Cup, a truly monumental, global event celebrated the world over.