This Ted Hood Design Group, 115' pilothouse sloop now has a completely new Southern Spars rig and bow sprit making her new overall length 120'

This Yacht Model rests atop a beautiful custom, burled english oak, base and table

The finished yacht-model is 36" long

Tenacious has been revitalized complete with winches from the 33rd America's Cup winner

David Easton designed the interior with Trident's unique method of using different types of wood for the bright work in each separate cabin with the culmination of all seven different woods in each cabin brought together with an in-laid table in the main salon. Special thanks to Luca, Brenan and the rest of the Team at Southern Spars for sharing the up-to-date spar drawing with us.

Building the yacht-model of Tenacious was just that! It commanded intense hours and involved new methods and uses of technology. Additional hand work was required to refine the hull shapes and to relieve detail areas that could not be milled by 3-axis milling machine. The AwlGrip painting was also complex; and the stern platforms required technical laser tooling.

This project came to fruition after over five years of intermittent communication and for much of that time the client remained anonymous. In the end we discovered that Robert had some relationship tangency to the owner of Tenacious for over thirty years.

We estimated that this project would take between 3500 and 4000 man hours to complete and we came in just over 3800 hours. The finished yacht-model is a stunning 36" long and rests atop a stately burled english oak base and table reaching an impressive 84" from floor to mast head.

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