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Sailing Solo - in 2008 Reuben becomes a master

  • Builder/Designer: Paul Molich / Sparkman & Stephens
  • Yacht /Type: 32' Classic Sloop
  • Model Scale: 3/4"=1'
  • Model Completion Date: 2008 
  • Model Description: Family heirloom requiring over 1,000 man-hours

Stormy (ex Poppy) has beautiful bright topsides and a classic bright deckhouse 

This vessel embodies the likeness of a scaled down version of the inspirational Story Weather. Built in 1965 by Paul Molich this classic CCA-rule Marconi sloop has changed names from Poppy to Stormy and back to Poppy again after being reunited to it's original family in 2009. 


Reuben becomes a master

The commission of Stormy and the educational support that Jack permitted in 2008 has allowed Reuben to learn and apply all of the skills that would be needed to master the craft of model building at a fine arts level. more

"The model has given much pleasure to all who see it.  And I am pleased that the project helped a young man develop further mastery of deeply impressive skills."



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