To this day Wianno Senior’s are still being built for class racing on the waters off Cape Cod

  • Builder/Designer: Crosby Yacht Yard
  • Yacht Type: Wianno Senior 25' Sloop
  • Model Scale: 3/4"=1'
  • Model Completion Date: 2010
  • Model Description: Family heirloom requiring 800 man-hours

Famously known as a favorite of President John F. Kennedy, the Wianno Senior is a popular and international race class. This family heirloom was build as a gift from father to son to celebrate their long racing history on "Amusing". 


These are photos of the 3/4" to the foot model of the 25' Wianno Senior, Amusing. The Wianno Senior is a one-design raced by many Road Island yacht clubs. This model measures just over 19 inches long from bow to stern, has over an ounce of gold hardware and took almost 800 man hours to complete.