Meet the Crew

Robert Eddy

Rob was raised in Camden, Maine just up from the harbor. The town, its harbor and the creative people associated with Camden influenced Rob in many ways.

Rob and his wife Patty moved back to Camden from the Boston area in 1984. They have two interesting and accomplished children. Molly Eddy is a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy and is enjoying the professional sailor’s life with continuing commissions and balancing being a new mother to her son Avery. She and her husband Brian Beggarly own and operate a local establishment called Boynton-McKay Food Company and Grace Eddy a graduate of UVM is a gifted artist with extraordinary abilities currently designing a line of clothing and living in Brooklyn, NY.

The association with a port such as Camden with its shipbuilding history and tangency to the ocean and to the great State of Maine was a natural fit when Rob and his wife Patty decided to move back to Maine in 1984. Rob’s shop is located on his home premises and his wife Patty is an avid knitter of custom one-of-a-kind colorful hats and more. The name of her side business is XO MOM hand knit hats. She sells them to friends, family and other interested people from hikers, skiers to boaters.

Rob has been afforded an amazing life pursuing a vocation started as a hobby in his parent’s basement. It has taken over 40 years to accumulate the tools and skills to bring the custom yacht models business to its renowned level. It has taken Rob to different countries around the world. Rob and his associate Reuben are grateful to all their clients for the faith and confidence they have had in them building complicated projects.

Their clients are deeply passionate and extremely knowledgeable about their yachts. They have been very involved in the planning and building of their yachts and many have raced and or sailed extensively with fond memories aboard the real vessel. Many are also patrons of the arts and recognize the superb quality workmanship done at Classic Yacht Models. The models they are building today will help preserve those fond memories and also become part of yachting history.

Rob’s dog Pete will meet you when you arrive. He is an English Springer and loves visitors.

Commissioning a real yacht to be built at a shipyard will require great patience and upwards of 80,000 to 100,000 plus man hours to build that vessel. When commissioning a yacht model of your vessel, similar patience is required. While a small fraction of this time and relative cost is required to build a model, it still can require several thousand man hours to complete a project.

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Reuben Brown

Reuben is an artist with a love of the Maine coast and eye for the details. Before starting his creative career, Mr. Robby Eddy had already discovered that Reuben had the temperament and enthusiasm to apprentice for Classic Yacht Models.

By age ten Reuben took his first sailing lessons at the Camden Yacht Club with some encouragement from Robby, who is a life-long club member. After learning to sail, Reuben's parents bought him his first sail boat - a classic wooden turnabout that he sailed whenever the tide was right. Furthering his love for sailing Reuben made his first sailboat purchase in summer of 1997, a 15', 1935 Cape Cod Nimblet, which he continues to sail today.

Reuben left for college in the fall of 1997 to start his creative education. Reuben graduated with honors from Colby-Sawyer College in 2001 with fine arts degrees in graphic design and studio arts and began gathering creative experience as a graphic designer, photographer, painter and printmaker.

Reuben's apprenticeship with Robby came to fruition some years later in 2005 after an invitation to assist at the model shop during an open studio tour. Today, Reuben is learning to master the art of jewelry making and the plethora of skills necessary to build some of the worlds finest model yachts.

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