Captain Christopher P. Gartner

Maltese Falcon half-hull

"I have known Robby Eddy for over ten years and I have had the privilege to work with him during this time as well as become very good friends with him. In 1992 I first met him when he came to visit the sailing yacht Andromeda la Dea in San Francisco in order to take measurements of every exterior fitting on board for the model he was going to build.

Once he finished this masterpiece he was once again commissioned by Tom Perkins to do a model of another one of his yachts. This time it was of the classic schooner Mariette of 1915, which I was the captain of at that time. I had the privilege to work with him again when he came to measure everything on the exterior of the boat as well as during the build of the model of the schooner Mariette. During this period I was able to see first hand the skill and talent of a world-class model maker who takes great pride in finishing every detail to the utmost accuracy and quality.

Once Robby completed the model of Mariette of 1915, which turned out so incredibly perfect that you could take a photo of the model and another of the actual boat and not tell the difference, Tom Perkins once again commissioned Robby Eddy to build a third masterpiece. This time it was of the classic motor yacht Atlantide. Needless to say I became even better friends with Robby as we worked together during the build of this model and I was once again reassured that he is the best quality model maker in the world today. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to have the best model one could ever dream of having! Robby has not only impressed me by his models but he is also a true artisan, a gentleman and a very great person"

  ~ Captain Christopher P. Gartner, S/Y Maltese Falcon