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Rob Eddy and Reuben Brown of Classic Yacht Models announced the completion of a 98' ketch built by Hodgdon Yacht Inc., and launched in 2006 in East Boothbay, Maine. In the spring of 2007 the documentation began for the construction of the 5/16” (30.5”) scale model with construction drawings being provided by both the designer Ted Fontaine and the builder. This model was completed in October 2010.

The 5/16" scale model measures about 30.5 inches and took over 3200 hours to complete. The hull is hand carved mahogany and basswood. It required the expertise and assorted skills of six individuals to conclude this complex model over a two and half year period.

Examples of some of these skills include collecting detailed photographs and measurements from the real vessel; gathering a large volume of computer data; turning Lewmar winches and beginning the metal work for the in-house casting of the gold parts needed throughout the vessel; utilizing the 3D CAD/CAM services for milling the deckhouse, pilot house roof and cockpit coaming; exporting 3D files of the ship’s blocks using stereo lithography to produce polymer replicas to be cast in 19 karat white gold. Additionally, many hours of 2D computer time and hand work were required to replicate the actual decking on the real vessel.Throughout the building process we employed new technology and techniques making this model a major accomplishment.

The model delivery to the owner’s home will be complete with a specially designed and constructed case and table built by cabinetmaker William Evans, Waldoboro Maine. It is curly cherry with a French polished finish which complements the brightwork tones of wood trim finished on the model.

image of windcrest image of windcrest image of windcrest image of windcrest image of windcrest

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