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1915 N. G. Herrshoff schooner Mariette ready for carving


We are honored to be part of the upcoming Nathanael G. Herreshoff exhibition at the MIT Hart Nautical Museum in Boston. The 1915 two Masted Schooner Mariette is one of two hand carved half-models that will be painted and displayed on elegant French polished cherry backboards for the exhibit titled Lighter, Stronger, Faster.

More exhibit details to come.

YachtModels.com - also underway

Classic Yacht Models is Forward Thinking. In-fact we will be turning fifty soon so naturally we have been planning our next fifty years in business. We are updating YachtModels.com as the first step of an extensive and exciting brand update. Soon you will be able to stay connected in new ways. If you want to stay informed of our progress with semi-annual updates send us an email and you will be at the top of our new preferred mailing list.

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The 94' classic ketch called Sumurun is one of many classic yachts designed and built by William Fife of Scotland. Her century long history has had many storied owners and she has traveled through history with elegance and grace. The exquisite design of Sumurun has caught the eye of many beholders. She has long been a fixture of the New England coast line and has stayed particularly close to Camden, Maine.

Sumurun was thoroughly documented by Classic Yacht Models in the late 1990's. The 3/8" scale model was begun by Rob as a mentoring project with the hope that an owner might sign-on to carry the project forward.

In the last 35 years, maintaining and operating the real vessel has been more important to Sumurun's owner who says "his real boat is his model."

At every stage the yacht-model Sumurun has always been a useful example of our collective skills and continues to be a focus of conversation for shop visitors.

Sailing Yacht Sumurun has been sailing for over 100 years and remains a life long passion of ours. Once completed this highly detailed model may some day serve the next 100 years as one of the most significant artifacts from a truly significant marine era.

Illustrated rendering by associate Reuben Brown


A model to build from

Underway at Classic Yacht Models shop in Camden, Maine, Rob Eddy and Reuben Brown have been building this in-house design of IMAGINE a 40’ weekender cruising sloop. This design is a double-ender style full-keel sailing yacht with a 5.5 foot draft.

The corresponding model is nearing completion. This design has been drafted in the traditional 2D style using AutoCAD, and the hull form has been created in 3D using Multi-Surf. With the able assistance from a local yacht designer Mark Fitzgerald, we have qualified all the hydrostatics in order to be able to build this vessel at full scale. Using the 3D yacht design CAD files we have also had 1/4" scale models created using 3D printing. The model will be on display at our shop to serve as a finished sample to reflect the quality of our completed works.