Northern Crown Rob Eddy is one of the most accomplished model builders in the United States. A native of Camden, Maine he seems to have absorbed its maritime heritage through his pours from an early age and perhaps this, in addition to a remarkable attention to detail, is what gives his models such poignancy.

Nowhere are his talents more eloquently displayed than in his recently completed model of the Augie Nielson (K.Aage Nielsen) cutter Northern Crown. Northern Crown is a signature boat for offcenterharbor.com founding partners, Maynard Bray, Bill Mayher, and Ben Mendlowitz. In the more than twenty years that she was owned by Joel White, Maynard and Bill, along with their wives Anne and Caroline, served as Joel's crew, sailing her as far as Cape Breton Island to the northeast and Bermuda to the south. When Ben first came to Brooklin to photograph wooden boats, Northern Crown was one of his earliest subjects and Joel's early support of his art was critical to his success as a photographer.

After Bill viewed the model on display in the Camden Library, he wrote to Rob congratulating him for capturing, not only the literal truth of Northern Crown but her spirit as well. "Staring down at her in all her perfection, I could almost picture a tiny addition of myself steering her to windward with Joe and Maynard trimming sheets. If it wasn't for spending the rest of eternity in a little glass case," I thought to myself, "it might be a pretty good way to stay with my buddies as well as lose a bit of weight."

~Bill Mayher

Grace B

"When I first spoke to you about making a model of my family’s 1955 Chris-Craft I had no idea as to how extensive the process would be working with you. Nor did I know how rewarding the outcome would be. The Grace B has been in our possession for the last 57 years. Now, with the help of your expert craftsmanship the Grace B will be immortalized forever."

~Bruce Dayton

Kalevala detail

"I have had the good fortune to build a 65’ Swan in Finland, launch it in 2003, and sail it around the world. We have logged some 65,000 miles and sailing this wonderful boat is still my favorite activity.

I had always thought that having a scale model built would be a desirable thing to do and had contacted other model builders with no success. They were always too busy and didn’t want to take on new projects. In the summer of 2004, after the NYYC Annual Cruise to Camden, I met Rob Eddy. I was told by a friend that he was the best model builder available but that I probably couldn’t afford him. After visiting his shop and seeing the amazing quality of his work, going to anyone else was out of the question. I found out that he only works on one or two projects over a two-year period and I was fortunate to be there at the right time.

Rob Eddy definitely has to be the best model maker in the world. His attention to detail is amazing. He has the skills of a boat builder and a jeweler and has infinite patience. On my 7/16th to the inch model every plank on the deck is an exact replica of those on the boat. Every detail of blocks, winches, cleats, even the hinges on the hatches is cast out of white gold. The hull is carved out of basswood to the exact shape of the boat and the paint is the same as that used on the actual hull. He took hundreds of photographs of the boat, incorporated the builder’s line drawings, and used sophisticated three dimensional cad/cam programs to get the exact shape of elements such as the steering pedestals. There is even a compass rose detail and simulated display on the chart plotter done with graphic arts – if your eyes are good enough to see them.

We now have the incredibly beautiful Kalevala in our library and almost every day I discover a new detail that I had not noticed before. My Rob Eddy model is a prized possession that we will enjoy long after I am finished sailing. It is one of the most satisfying investments I have ever made."

~James S. Tyler

Blue Muse detail

"As beautiful a work of art we thought our SW’70 Ketch was at launch in 2003, Rob was able to create his own work of art when he completed a scale model of Blue Muse. Rob’s talent is apparent in his work, even to the most discriminating observer – his peers. The hallmark of his model work is comprised of uncompromising precision, attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship. The model is prominently displayed within a glass case in a relatively high traffic common space. Many a passer-by are compelled to pause for further inspection after which they all remark on the aesthetics and workmanship of the model. We were so pleased with the end results of Blue Muse that we commissioned a second model to be created by Rob of our Wianno Senior, a 26’ Gaff Rigged one-design, 95 year old class race boat that competes in Nantucket Sound. We are every bit as pleased with the completion of this scaled model as well.”

~Steven Haley

Andromeda detail

"Rob Eddy is the world's finest builder of yacht models. He has done three models for me, the Andromeda La Dea, Mariette, Atlantide, and Maltese Falcon. I am always astonished and delighted with the results. Unlike the models from virtually all others, a photograph of an Eddy model cannot be distinguished from a photograph of the real thing. The eye is so acute in spotting errors in detail, that only the perfection of an Eddy model passes this ultimate test.

Rob is a jeweler, and he is adept at creating all the metal work to a jeweler's standard. He works in gold, and then disguises the surface to resemble whatever surface is required; a galvanized anchor is really a piece of golden jewelry!

And, an 'Eddy' model stands the test of time! I have never experienced a need for maintenance. These are timeless museum pieces which will be treasured for generations."

~Tom Perkins

Chris and Rob

"I have known Robby Eddy for over ten years and I have had the privilege to work with him during this time as well as become very good friends with him. In 1992 I first met him when he came to visit the sailing yacht Andromeda la Dea in San Francisco in order to take measurements of every exterior fitting on board for the model he was going to build.

Once he finished this masterpiece he was once again commissioned by Tom Perkins to do a model of another one of his yachts. This time it was of the classic schooner Mariette of 1915, which I was the captain of at that time. I had the privilege to work with him again when he came to measure everything on the exterior of the boat as well as during the build of the model of the schooner Mariette. During this period I was able to see first hand the skill and talent of a world-class model maker who takes great pride in finishing every detail to the utmost accuracy and quality.

Maltese Falcon half model image

Once Robby completed the model of Mariette of 1915, which turned out so incredibly perfect that you could take a photo of the model and another of the actual boat and not tell the difference, Tom Perkins once again commissioned Robby Eddy to build a third masterpiece. This time it was of the classic motor yacht Atlantide. Needless to say I became even better friends with Robby as we worked together during the build of this model and I was once again reassured that he is the best quality model maker in the world today. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to have the best model one could ever dream of having! Robby has not only impressed me by his models but he is also a true artisan, a gentleman and a very great person"

~Captain Christopher P. Gartner, S/Y Maltese Falcon

Atlantide detail

"Working with Rob Eddy on the model for Atlantide was a unique experience. The model was progressing as we were completing the drawings, and the level of accuracy demanded from Rob's model standards forced us to finalize a number of issues somewhat earlier, which was a benefit to the total project. Every aspect was meticulously planned and executed to an amazing level of accuracy and perfection.”

~Ken Freivokh, Interior Design Architect for Atlantide and Maltese Falcon

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schererazade detail

Dear Rob,

Scheherazade is in dry dock for some R&R this week. She looks as good out of the water as she does afloat. And that has led me to reflect on some of the things that have made her such a special vessel. Bruce King's sleek design draws lots of compliments; as does Andrew Winch's interior.

But nearly everyone is thrilled with your model. We like to point out that every butt in the deck planking is identical to the real thing. The tiny blocks are incredibly detailed. And the fact that the whole thing is a three dimensional trompe l'oeil surprises nearly everyone at first glance.

Thanks for producing a real work of art which we'll always treasure.

Warmest regards,

Bill Stewart
Owner of the yacht Scheherazade

"Rob built a fantastic model for Scheherazade. The half model was a work of art and I look forward to having more of the finest and most detailed models on my future projects."

~Andrew Winch (Interior Design Architect for the Scheherazade project)

For more information, please visit: http://www.andrewwinchdesigns.com/popup/news/scheherazade_new.html.

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"Working with owners who appreciate the art form that Rob Eddy brings to the yachting industry is a feather in the cap of those involved in building these magnificent yachts. Fortunately for me I have been involved in two such beautiful products that were manufactured here in the U.S. The amount of work and detail that Rob is putting into his art is phenomenal, with an end result that is stunning. The half model for Scheherazade has its own uniqueness in that it is mounted on a mirror, with the end result that you are seeing an incredibly detailed full model. For some viewers, it takes a long time to realize how the model appears to be floating in the air.

~Bob Riemens, Project Manager for the yacht Scheherazade

Piper image

"The model Rob Eddy made of our lobster boat, Piper, is one of the most beautiful pieces of art we own. It was a 60th birthday present to my husband and nothing I could have done could mean more to him. We had the pleasure of watching Rob create the model, which was absolutely fascinating in itself. There is no one in the world that could have created a jewel as special as Rob Eddy has for us. We are thrilled with our model of Piper."

~Ellen C. L. Simmons

Snowhawk image

"Robert Eddy has created a masterpiece in the model of the Snowhawk. Seeing it in my office reminds me everyday of the incomparable joy of sailing."

~Pete Sloss

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Sarah Jane image

"The model is spectacular, the detail beyond extraordinary. We are thrilled with the results of Rob’s artistry. We can only hope that the real Sarah Jane can come close to looking as good as her perfect miniature.

~Dana & Martha

"Thanks so much for showing us your shop yesterday. It's certainly a tool to help people appreciate your skills and methods. Seeing the whole boat put together is impressive but I think it's really important to see all the tiny hand fabricated parts too. We are both fortunate to have such interesting jobs focusing on yachts with extraordinary details and appreciative clients that support our passions. Thanks again for the visit.”

~Billy Black

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