Silver Heels

image of Silver Heels

Silver Heels construction, begun by Camden Shipbuilding, and was finished by Malcolm Brewer in 1963. Classic Yacht Models recently completed a detailed 1/2” scale half-model of this schooner designed by the late Murray G. Peterson of South Bristol, Maine. Commissioned as gift, from the wife to the husband of a previous set of owners, the model was presented as a gift for her husbands’ birthday in April of 2013. Having to sell this lovely yacht after 12 years of ownership was a difficult decision for the couple. Now, thanks to this thoughtful gift, the model will adorn the couple’s walls where they can relive their fond cruising memories. Silver Heels sails on today out of the South of France.

Building this half hull model was a wonderful opportunity and creative project.

"I grew up with other Peterson designs in and out of Camden Harbor such as North Star, Serenity and Coaster. I later worked for Bill Peterson, Murray's son, for several years and assisted in the design and drafting of a 44’ double-ended cutter called Ama Heya. Attention to drafting detail is a Peterson family trait so it was pleasing to add more detail to this model for the owners yachting model collection."

~Rob Eddy

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