Our Process

A Devotion to Quality

We recommend our clients use the same scrutiny regarding the choice of their model builder, as they used when they chose their shipyard to build their yacht. We also equate the building process at our shop with the building process of a shipyard.

Rob Eddy portrait
Founder of Classic Yacht Models
Robert H. Eddy Jr.

Visiting our shop is a necessary component to understanding the value of creating a custom yacht model. We work closely with clients to identify what their needs are in the same way they have worked with their shipyard. The desired scale, location of the model in the home, office or onboard the yacht, timing requirements, and choice of materials, are important factors in achieving the desired expectations.

We gather our preliminary information from the offices of the designers and the builders. We then compare the measurements and photographs that we have collected from the completed vessel to be meticulously cross-referenced in order to achieve the highest level of accuracy.

Our devotion to model building as an art form has lead us to incorporate new technologies and acquire a variety of traditional and contemporary skills over four decades. We utilize materials both natural and synthetic appropriate to the chosen construction technique. We utilize jewelry techniques and precious metals such as gold and silver to build the precise hardware unique to each individual model. This combination of devotion, skills, materials, techniques, and technology usage enables us to produce models that will retain value, integrity and longevity to be endured for generations.

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~Rob Eddy