image of Ojibway

A Custom 36' Jarvis Newman powerboat Built by Malcolm Pettegrew in S.W. Harbor, Maine

This model was completed in March of 2010 for an owner who prefers to remain anonymous. The model is built at 1/2" scale making her 18 inches long. This is a gem of a model with all its paneled bright work and yellow gold fittings. This yacht was a custom built lobster style power boat completed in 1984. We spent a great deal of time drafting and drawing before we could even get started on this project. The necessary approach to building this model was to construct the hull from molds that we made from 2D and 3D CAD drawings of each half of the hull. These drawing were used to mill the port and starboard sides of the hull and hand finished to make molds from. Once the fiberglass shells were pulled and joined together we built the model much like the original was built.

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image of Ojibway image of Ojibway image of Ojibway image of Ojibway image of Ojibway

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