Northern Crown

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The Northern Crown yacht-model was a project that we had a very personal connection with. First, it was being done for close friends and second, for Rob, it was a cherished design from the 1950's by a well known designer and builder, K. Aage Nielsen. The vessel is now being sailed by its third generation of the family and is as pretty as she was the day she was launched in 1956.

Northern Crown is a classic double ended cutter that was Built in 1956 by Walsteds in Denmark. Northern Crown was one of the first projects to be completed in the shipyard after a severe fire had closed the yard for a little over a year. Walsteds still has an international reputation for building fine wooden boats today and Northern Crown is still sailing the waters here in mid-coast Maine. This elegant 1/2"=1' scale model replica was commissioned by a private client on behalf of Northern Crown's current owners, Taylor Allen and Martha White, of Rockport, Maine.

The delicate, Northern Crown yacht-model, is only 18" in length and will take a prominent place in the owners new family home. In the preliminary style discussions the topic of the bronze hardware was a concern. Most of our yacht-models feature bright polished gold hardware to simulate the flash of polished stainless. In this case the owners were concerned that the model accurately reflect the patina of unpolished bronze hardware. Up to the challenge, we found that using colored green gold, with a micro-sandblast finish gave the hardware the perfect bronze patina, while still maintaing the superior archival integrity that Classic Yacht Models is known for.

The Northern Crown yacht-model was estimated at 1500 hours and was completed in 1525 hours. The combined labor and materials price was on the mark and the entire project went quite smoothly.

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image of Northern Crown image of Northern Crown image of Northern Crown

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