Featured on MegaYacht News

  • Follow the link to the Mega Yacht News website to read our profile and then download the mobile app to see a gallery complete with some of our most famous work. Read more

Participation in the Seafaring Series was Well Received

  • After Rob Eddy discussion on modern building techniques and a review of recent and current projects, we received this kind message of appreciation.
  • "Wow! very impressive … everyone was listening intently and several people thanked us for choosing you to present. The pictures and descriptions of all of the challenges that you face with each model were fascinating. We truly had no idea how much innovation each ship model demands. We are in awe of your problem-solving ability and your artistic talent."
  • - friends of the Rockport Public Library

Rob Eddy featured in Azure Azure - a privileged life

  • More than trophies or luxury toys, the replicas produced by Robert H. Eddy and Associates' Classic Yacht Models are genuine art pieces made with perfect accuracy using gold, mahogany and other noble materials. Read more

Kind words from Bill Mayher

  • Rob Eddy is one of the most accomplished model builders in the United States. A native of Camden, Maine he seems to have absorbed its maritime heritage through his pours from an early age and perhaps this, in addition to a remarkable attention to detail, is what gives his models such poignancy. Read more

How to Spend it - A website of worldly pleasures from the Financial Times

  • Commissions with intricate fittings and ultra-precise detailing. Read more

Attend the public unveiling of the yacht-model Northern Crown and hear Rob Eddy speak about his lifelong passion for model making.

  • April is Maritime Month at the Camden Public Library and on April 29th the elegant model of Northern Crown will be on display. Also on display will be some of Rob Eddy's earliest carvings and additional discussion items as part of his presentation on how this hobby turned into a unique profession.

President of North Bennet Street School speaks with Robert Eddy

  • After a visit to our shop Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez posts a fascinating essay about marriage of technology and tradition.

Rob Eddy narrates seven decades of experience and achievement at Stonington Yacht Club presentation on April 12th 2014

  • Eddy presents his creative career with the entertaining humor and enthusiasm that has shaped his legacy. Discussion points include: the importance of technology; the art of preserving maritime and family heritage; and a review of recent projects. More about the Stonington Harbor Yacht Club

Pick-up the November issue of Wooden Boat Magazine for a closer look into the careers of Rob Eddy and Reuben Brown at Classic Yacht Models

  • The November issue features two editorial pieces about our work including a profile of Rob Eddy by Maria Simpson and a model building history of select wooden boats from the last three decades. The articles also features photographs by nautical photographer Alison Langley.

What we found at the Monaco Yacht Show - Jaw Dropping!

  • The incredible display of wealth at the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show is astounding. It has been since 2008 that we visited the show and it has certainly grown. After three overwhelming days of canvasing the show we are pleased to report that it was well worth it to reconnect with our international network and also to make new acquaintances. We look forward to returning to Monaco in the near future.

41' Concordia Yawl restored for the 75th Anniversary Celebration.

  • Restoration of a 41' Concordia Yawl that Classic Yacht Models built in 1991 reveals just how well a Rob Eddy model is put together. The new owner has high hopes to unveil this stunning Classic Yacht Model during the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta were the large 3/4” scale model could be reunited with the full size, newly restored 41' Yawl on July 31st at Delano Hall in Castine, Maine. Read more

Lyman Morse - Quality through and through

  • When Lyman Morse decided to have two half models commissioned for their clients as thank you gifts they quickly realized that they couldn't compromise on quality and craftsmanship. The only way these half models could live up to the high values of Lyman Morse boat building was to choose a model builder with a reputation for exceeding the highest expectations. Classic Yacht Models and Lyman Morse have both built a tradition of quality Maine craftsmanship and working together to develop these gifts both honors and continues that tradition. Read more

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Classic Yacht Models has been welcomed by the US Superyacht Association and accepted for membership

    US Superyacht Association logo
  • The USSA trade association represents hundreds of businesses with the common mission of promoting the Superyacht Industry of the United States. Check out our online listing under "Fine Arts Model Builder" on the USSA website and look for us in the USSA printed directory.

The 10th Annual Shipyard Cup Regatta Sponsored in part
by Classic Yacht Models

  • Classic Yacht Models is a proud local sponsor of the 10th Annual Shipyard Cup to support Maine's role in the yachting industry. In our pursuit to become the world’s finest yacht model builders we have found, like many of the participating yachtsman, that the Maine workforce offers some of the finest craftsman there are. The Shipyard Cup is a grand sailboat regatta and offers an exhibition of quality marine craftsmanship.

Maine Built Boats represents the experience and quality of Maine's boat building industry

  • We have supported Maine Built Boats from the beginning for its efforts to represent Maine's boat building craftsman as a cooperative entity. The recent national and international recognition of Maine's boat building community is a testament to Maine's master craftsmen.

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Classic Yacht Models Video with Rob Eddy

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