Tom Perkins 1932-2016

Image from Yachting World article June 14th 2016

Tom was our biggest advocate. True to his reputation, he pushed us to do the impossible - more than once. The results of his endless drive have made an incredible splash the world over. These ripples continue to push ahead of his time. He will be sincerely missed.

~ the Yacht Models Team


"Rob Eddy is the world's finest builder of yacht models. He has done four models for me, the Andromeda La Dea, Mariette, Atlantide, and Maltese Falcon. I am always astonished and delighted with the results. Unlike the models from virtually all others, a photograph of an Eddy model cannot be distinguished from a photograph of the real thing. The eye is so acute in spotting errors in detail, that only the perfection of an Eddy model passes this ultimate test."


"Rob is a jeweler, and he is adept at creating all the metal work to a jeweler's standard. He works in gold, and then disguises the surface to resemble whatever surface is required; a galvanized anchor is really a piece of golden jewelry!"


"An 'Eddy' model stands the test of time! I have never experienced a need for maintenance. These are timeless museum pieces which will be treasured for generations."


~Tom Perkins

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