Meet the Crew

Robert Eddy

Robert H. Eddy has made an exciting career as an artist by building some of the finest yacht models the world has ever seen. In many ways growing up on the waterfront in Camden, Maine provided the challenging projects and opportunities for Robert to become recognized the world over. Every project further developed the plethora of skills necessary to stand out and exceed the expectations of high-net-worth yacht owners. In 2005 Robert brought Reuben Brown into the business to learn the trade and further the Eddy brand of fine craftsmanship. more about Robert


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Reuben Brown

Reuben Brown is the principal and successor of what may be the most prestigious brand of yacht models in the United States. Reuben has always been a perfectionist and quickly adapted his fine arts background to the jeweler’s bench upon joining the crew. In business since 1968 Robert and Reuben have been working closely in producing some of the finest yacht models in the industry. With over 70 years of combine experience every project is a work of art. more about Reuben

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